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Eliminate 80% of irrelevant SCA alerts and minimize technical debt

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Why does vulnerability prioritization matter?

Today, SCA tools drown developers in a sea of security alerts as every dependency gets scanned, with no context into how the code is actually used. This leads to a back-and-forth where security and development teams investigate what the reported vulnerabilities actually impact. Because of this, countless cycles are wasted hunting down and updating non-critical dependencies, and technical debt is prioritized over value-adding features. 

Vulnerability prioritization with Endor Labs

Endor Labs detects whether or not a vulnerable dependency or method is actually reachable. By prioritizing vulnerabilities that are actually impactful you can reduce alert fatigue, create less technical debt, and focus on remediating the threats that can impact your business. 

Reduce false positive alerts by up to 80% 

Get an estimation upfront - are you impacted by this vulnerability?

Quickly understand if a vulnerable dependency or method is reachable

Reduce false positives and create less technical debt by focusing on reachable vulnerabilities 

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