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Developing secure software shouldn't be rocket science

Our mission is to deliver the impossible - create secure software supply chains that actually make developers more productive, rather than drowning in useless alerts.

Our Story

The pace and complexity of software development is rapidly intensifying. Developers are trying to keep up by maximizing reuse of code (internally developed as well as open source), adopting microservices architectures, and relying on a vast array of 3rd party tools and services to automate bits and pieces of the CI/CD process. However, this can quickly sprawl and become untenable, only causing more headaches for development and security teams in the long term.

Our founders, who are successful serial entrepreneurs, faced similar challenges when they were leading Prisma Cloud through its hypergrowth phase at Palo Alto Networks. They’ve assembled a team of builders (and many mad scientists) from companies like Meta, Uber, Amazon, Splunk, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks and more - all dedicated to eliminating developer frustrations and security risks from the modern software development process.

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