Black Hat Spotlight Finalist
Gartner Cool Vendor 2023
RSAC Innovation Sandbox 2023 Finalist
RSAC Innovation Sandbox 2023 Finalist

Secure open source software without the dev productivity tax

Endor Labs uses reachability analysis to give DevSecOps teams the context they need to prioritize open source risk, reduce technical debt, and meet compliance objectives like SBOMs & VEX.

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Prioritize Reachable Vulnerabilities

Cut alert noise down by 80% by prioritizing reachable vulnerable dependencies. Endor Labs uses program analysis to understand code behavior at build time, and find reachable vulnerabilities at the function level. Learn about a better way to do SCA.

Flexible Policy Engine

Break fewer builds by creating policies that don’t fail on just critical & high issues. Fine tune policies to warn developers or block merges only on specific risk profiles.

Manage & Analyze SBOM/VEX

Produce accurate SBOMs with automated Vulnerability Exploitability eXchange (VEX), and analyze 3rd party SBOMs to understand the cost and risks of software ownership. Learn more about SBOM management.

Reduce Technical Debt

By helping developers select better, more sustainable open source software, and identifying operational issues such as outdated, unmaintained, or unused dependencies, AppSec teams can help get ahead of technical debt.

Your next security/dev meeting doesn't have to feel like a courtroom.