Use open source without drowning in security noise

Development and security teams build secure supply chains and maximize software reuse by safely evaluating, maintaining, and updating open source software with Endor Labs

80% of code
in modern apps is code you didn’t write

Open Source Software (OSS) adoption is growing. Developers are drowning in security alerts. Security teams are scrambling to make sense of a tangled mess of thousands of dependencies. All the while - development slows as supply chain risk grows.

Endor Labs helps you select, secure, and maintain dependencies so development moves fast and supply chain risk remains low

Select better dependencies

  • Get a complete software inventory and promote software reuse

  • Evaluate dependencies on security and operational risk

  • Automate approvals and guardrails

Secure &
monitor usage

  • Reduce SCA vulnerability alerts by 80%

  • Defend against supply chain attacks

  • Create and analyze 1st and 3rd party SBOMs

Maintain &
respond rapidly

  • Reduce attack surface by identifying and removing unused dependencies

  • Detect unmaintained dependencies

  • Understand the impact of updates on your code

“Dependency Lifecycle Management is going to be absolutely foundational for supply chain and open source security. With Dependency Lifecycle Management, Endor Labs is setting an entirely new standard by which organizations can prioritize and zero in on the most significant security and operational issues that have the tendency to slow down application development.”

Rachit Lohani
CTO & SVP Engineering, Paylocity

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