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Introducing DroidGPT: Select Better OSS with AI

Endor Labs brings the power of ChatGPT to open source risk management. Not sure which package to use? Just ask!

Cut 80% of your SCA alerts

Use static analysis to prioritize vulnerable dependencies and functions that are actually reachable. Less technical debt, less engineering time spent on dependencies you don't actually use.

Select sustainable dependencies

Evaluate open source dependencies on more than just known vulnerabilities and select sustainable dependencies that reduce long term risk and maintenance cost.

Your ticket out of dependency hell

Endor Labs uses program analysis and call graphs to understand how code is actually used in your org. With an unprecedented understanding of the dependency graph, security and development teams can:

Select better dependencies

Let developers benefit from OSS without a time-consuming review process. Automatically detect and block malicious, poor quality, or orphaned dependencies that can become a security or maintenance nightmare in the future.

Secure the software supply chain

Quickly understand if a vulnerable dependency is reachable, and is being used in production. Prioritizing vulnerabilities that are actually impactful cuts down technical debt fast, and lets development teams focus on writing value-adding code while efficiently mitigating actual threats.

Maintain and update safely

Understand the impact of updates on downstream dependencies and detect components that are vulnerable, out of date, or unused. Consolidating versions and removing unnecessary dependencies dramatically reduces the attack surface and makes the applications more performant.

Comply with standards and frameworks

Create, analyze, and manage 1st and 3rd party SBOMs with automated exploitability information (VEX). Use reachability analysis to quickly and clearly communicate vulnerability prioritization decisions to your SBOM consumers.

“Dependency Lifecycle Management is going to be absolutely foundational for supply chain and open source security. Endor Labs is setting an entirely new standard by which organizations can prioritize and zero in on the most significant security and operational issues that have the tendency to slow down application development.”

Rachit Lohani
CTO & SVP Engineering, Paylocity

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