AppSec Your Developers Will

Not Despise

Actually Like

Context switching and security noise are the death of developer productivity. That’s why Endor Labs integrates with GitHub to create an application security experience that doesn’t require developers to leave GitHub.

The integration between Endor Labs and GitHub Advanced Security creates a best-in-class application security platform that's designed for developer productivity. This is application security without the productivity tax.”

Niroshan Rajadurai
Senior Director, GTM Strategy, GitHub
Recommended by GitHub
Painless for developers
Loved by security teams

From open source security, to hardening repositories and prioritizing risks in 1st party code, create an AppSec workflow that keeps developers productive and keeps maintenance at a minimum.

Select Better Open Source Software

Select better open source dependencies with 150+ checks and scoring based on security, legal, popularity, activity, and quality. Defend against OWASP OSS Top 10 Risks such as typosquatting, malicious and abandoned dependencies.

Prioritize Open Source Vulnerabilities (SCA)

Cut over 90% of vulnerability noise with function-level reachability analysis across both direct and transitive dependencies. Codify highly customizable policies to provide developers feedback in PR comments, break builds in CI, or simplify notify them via Jira tickets.

Eradicate Critical Vulnerabilities in Your 1st Party Code (SAST)

Scan your 1st party code for security issues as you write it, and integrate the results natively into the developer workflow. Schedule security analysis to run on every push and every pull request on a schedule or ad-hoc.

Discover and Manage Hard-Coded Secrets

Scan your repositories for known secret formats and get notified as soon as secrets are found. Get notifications for 45+ secret providers including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, npm, Stripe, and Twilio in the developer workflow.

Secure Repositories and CI/CD Pipelines

Gain visibility into security tool coverage across your CI/CD pipelines and continuously monitor the security posture of source code repositories. Detect repo and GitHub Actions misconfigurations, best practices, and risks with over 50 out-of-the-box policies, including coverage for CIS best practices for GitHub.

Trust What You Ship with Artifact Signing

Ensure the authenticity of software artifacts with a single GitHub action. Artifact signing is a hassle-free alternative to Sigstore that confirms code provenance and lack of tampering. Cryptographic artifact signatures are a powerful tool to enable strong admission control and traceability to support effective security, quality, and compliance programs.

Ensure compliance across the SDLC

Detect legal and licensing risk, and centrally create, manage, and analyze SBOM & VEX. Prioritize applicable vulnerabilities for PCI-DSS and FedRamp and accelerate compliance with CIS, NIST, SSDF, SLSA, EO 14028, and more.