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SCA, but with reachability analysis that cuts 80% of noise.

Prioritize the handful of vulnerabilities that actually matter, and help developers manage the security and health of their direct and transitive open source packages.

Accurate inventory

Look beyond manifest files to pinpoint all direct and transitive dependencies, including phantom (undeclared) dependencies.

Prioritize in seconds

Find reachable vulnerabilities at a function-level in both direct and transitive dependencies, all without any dreadful runtime agents. 

Identify supply chain attacks

Look beyond vulnerabilities and licenses to discover the OSS Top 10 risks including malware, outdated, and unmaintained dependencies.

How It Works

Endor Labs reduced our SCA alerts by 76%, which let us give back 11,424 development hours.”

Endor Labs reduced our SCA alerts by 76%, which let us give back 11,424 development hours.”

Greg Pettengill

Principal Product Security Engineer, Five9

Automated Governance

Automated Governance

  • AI-assisted package selection 
  • 150+ security and operational health checks across millions of packages to identify leading indicators of risk
  • Customizable admission control policies in the developer workflow to automate Open Source Program Office (OSPO) initiatives
Continuous Risk Monitoring

Continuous Risk Monitoring

  • Function-level reachability for CVEs dating back to 2018 across most modern languages
  • Prioritize by exploit maturity and likelihood (EPSS), fixability, and several other attributes
  • Automate SBOM and VEX generation
Built for Developers

Built for Developers

  • Embed supply chain security into IDE plugins, GitHub PRs, CI pipelines, and more
  • Minimize disruptive actions with customizable rego-policies and API-first architecture
  • Identify tech-debt including outdated, unmaintained and unused dependencies

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