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Reduce risk and maintenance costs with a better dependency selection process

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How does dependency selection impact security and maintenance?

Most organizations use thousands of OSS dependencies, while development and security teams have no visibility into which packages and versions are already popular within the company. Operational overhead, costs, and risks often rise as a result of dependency switching, or having to maintain OSS internally once it is abandoned. These risks and costs can be mitigated by selecting higher quality dependencies from the outset. 

Dependency selection with Endor Labs

Evaluate and select more sustainable dependencies to reduce risk and long term maintenance. Endor Labs gives developers instant feedback in the IDE, so they have the data and security guidance they need to make informed decisions.  

Evaluate dependencies based on security, quality, popularity, and maintainer activity 

Maximize the reuse of popular versions within the organization

Give developers instant dependency selection feedback in the IDE

Select the higher quality out of dependencies with similar functional uses

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