Reduce dependency bloat and supply chain attack surface

Reduce supply chain attack surface by eliminating unused dependencies

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What is dependency bloat?

As adoption of OSS grows, so does the amount of unused and redundant dependencies. These could be multiple versions of the same package, or dependencies that were abandoned or were never used. When we allow these dependencies to linger, they not only hurt performance, but can also be entry points for malicious activity.  

Reducing dependency bloat with Endor Labs

Removing unused dependencies not only minimizes risk, but also reduces operational costs and improves application performance and build times. Endor Labs helps you understand if your software components are vulnerable, unsupported, out of date, or simply unused. By removing these dependencies and consolidating versions, you effectively reduce the attack surface.

Identify and remove unused dependencies

Reduce your overall attack surface by reducing amount of dependencies in use

Consolidate versions on redundant dependencies

Improve build times by simplifying your dependency graph

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