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Go beyond known vulnerabilities and see the operational risk and impact of code changes

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What is operational risk?

Security risk assessments are typically made on known vulnerabilities (which is a problem). But operational risk is often ignored. Operational risk represents any potential outages that happen as a result of updates, as well as the overhead of responding to security issues. In the case of Log4j, one government agency reported spending 33,000 hours on the response, which caused severe service delays.

Assessing and prioritizing operational risk with Endor Labs

Endor Labs detects and surfaces potential breaking changes to downstream dependencies as a result of updating. Endor Labs also provides quality scores for each dependency. This helps you make informed decisions that minimize future operational risks such as patches not being available, lack of community support, or untrustworthy maintainers.

Go beyond vulnerabilities and consider operational risk when prioritizing effort

Know who depends on your code and avoid unexpected breaking changes

Get a score for each dependency, based on activity, popularity, and quality 

Reduce risk by removing dependencies that will not get security fixes

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