Automate OSS governance

Make developers more productive with a streamlined dependency approval process

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What is OSS governance?

Most organizations today rely on open source (OSS) packages to accelerate the pace of development. OSS governance is the process setting policies that maximize software reuse and ensure selected packages are safe, sustainable, and achieve the functional uses development teams require.

OSS governance with Endor Labs

Set governance policies based on leading indicators of risk such as security score, popularity, activity, and quality. Go beyond known vulnerabilities when measuring risk, and set policies that reduce both security and operational risk, as well as mitigate potential quality issues with OSS. Streamline the approval process for new dependencies to improve developer velocity and reduce friction between security and development teams.

Automate the approval process for new dependencies

Set thresholds for accepted operational and security risk

Give developers instant dependency selection feedback in the IDE

Help developers select better dependencies 

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