Leading Risk Indicators

Endor Labs scans the OSS ecosystem and provides holistic scores to each package version. These scores are based on the popularity, activity, quality and security of each version. Learn more about selecting better dependencies.

Reachability-based SCA

Use program analysis and proprietary vulnerability research to highlight the handful of exploitable risks in your environment. Prioritization with reachability analysis cuts false positive rates by up to 80%, and does not require any runtime agents. Learn how Endor Labs compares to other SCA methods.

Govern OSS with granular policies

Monitor your OSS dependency security posture from selection to production and enforce CI policies that can warn developers, or take disruptive action only when the risk can impact the application. Fine tune your policies to ensure you never slow down developers without a good reason.

Create, manage, and analyze SBOM & VEX

Create, store and analyze 1st and 3rd party SBOMs with the SBOM Hub and automatically annotate reachable vulnerabilities on a Vulnerability and Exploitability eXchange (VEX) document. Learn more about SBOM & VEX.

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