Detect unmaintained dependencies

Prevent breaking changes and risks that result from abandoned dependencies.

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What are unmaintained dependencies?

An unmaintained dependency is typically an open source project that has been abandoned, or receives very infrequent updates. This becomes a problem as the code becomes incompatible with newer versions of other dependencies. Unmaintained dependencies also become a security risk as no fixes are issued to vulnerabilities. 

Detecting unmaintained dependencies with Endor Labs

Eliminate potential risk by detecting if your software is unsupported or non maintained by the open source community. This gives you the tools to decide if dependencies should be removed, maintained internally, or replaced.

Detect when software you use is no longer supported by the OSS community

Reduce the likelihood of patches being unavailable for key dependencies

Decide early if abandoned dependencies should be maintained internally or removed

Reduce risk by removing dependencies that will not get security fixes

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