Detect and respond to supply chain risks

Detect software supply chain attacks you’d miss by only relying on known vulnerabilities

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How have supply chain attacks changed?

Software supply chain attacks have evolved beyond exploiting known vulnerabilities. Attackers are using the growing reliance on OSS. They’re targeting maintainers, and the methods in which OSS is consumed. Attacks like typosquatting and dependency confusion, and any malicious manipulation of trusted OSS packages would be missed by relying only on known vulnerabilities. 

Supply chain detection and response with Endor Labs

Detect next-generation attacks such as typosquatting and dependency confusion and report on standards like NIST C-SRM and SLSA. Monitor for attack vectors that would be missed by known vulnerabilities. Quickly respond to issues by pinpoint where a vulnerable package is being used, and what applications depend on it.

Prevent supply chain attacks with governance policies on OSS selection 

Respond to incidents quickly by pinpointing where vulnerable code is used

Quantify risk based on leading risk indicators, not just know vulnerabilities 

Understand the operational impact of updates as you respond to vulnerabilities

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