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Easy answers to hard questions - who’s using which dependency, where, and how.

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Why do you need visibility into your dependency graph?

Enterprises typically have around 40,000 direct dependencies, each of which, on average, brings with it an additional 77 dependencies. With a growing reliance on OSS dependencies, this means millions of direct and transitive dependencies across the organization. The complexity of the dependency graph makes responding to issues, assessing the impact of code updates, and adopting useful new dependencies - a costly and time-consuming effort.

Dependency visibility with Endor Labs

Endor Labs gives security and developments the data they need to make high-quality decisions on dependency usage. Get full visibility into software components across repositories, and understand the dependency graph for new and existing dependencies. Easily answer questions about where, how, and by who dependencies are being used.

Improve response time by pinpointing where vulnerable packages are being used

Get a clear map of direct and transitive dependants for each package

Find opportunities to reduce overall amount of dependencies

Find which dependency versions are most used in your organization

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