Developers are losing thousands of hours

OSS lets us stand on the shoulders of giants (open source maintainers ❤️) and get a massive productivity boost. That is until traditional SCA tools produce thousands false positive alerts, which developers then investigate and triage, to find most vulnerabilities are unreachable, or only referenced in test environments. Endor Labs gives security and development teams the context and evidence they need to focus on the risks that actually matter, and enforce transparent policies that don’t get in the way of dev productivity.  

Flexible Policies

Translate your OSS risk tolerance into Rego policies that can be enforced at every commit.  

Reachability With Evidence

Prioritize reachable vulnerabilities with indisputable facts to assist developers with remediation.

Go Beyond Known Vulnerabilites

Address the Top 10 OSS risks such as unmaintained, unused, and outdated OSS packages, malware, name confusion attacks, and more.

Manage OSS Licensing

Manage and detect legal risk in OSS compliance and licensing.

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