Lifecycle Management

Simplified dependency lifecycle management lies at the heart of both supply chain security and developer productivity. Endor Labs helps security and dev teams accelerate development by safely maximizing software reuse.

Reduced attack surface and operational costs.

Select better dependencies

Reduce the overall amount of dependencies with a better selection process,  and elimination of unused dependencies.

Cut SCA alerts by 80% and eliminate engineering busywork

Manage supply
chain risks

Identify the vulnerabilities that matter, and use dozens of leading indicators of risk to defend against software supply chain attacks.

Increased productivity for dev and security teams

Detect & respond rapidly

Get out of dependency hell faster by identifying and remediating bugs and security issues in your dependency chain.

Your ticket out of dependency hell

By maximizing software reuse, minimizing false positives, and making it easier for security and development teams to select, secure and maintain dependencies, Endor Labs helps organizations focus on shipping value-adding code.

Complete software inventory

Get complete visibility into your dependency network across repos. Who is using what, and who depends on who.

Dependency selection

Evaluate and select more sustainable dependencies to reduce risk and long term maintenance.

OSS governance

Establish automated approvals and guardrails based on multidimensional risk scores to help developers make safe and quick decisions.

Reduce noise & prioritize risk

Use a holistic risk signal of both security and operational risk, and prioritize reachable dependencies to dramatically reduce false positives.

SBOM Management

Create, update and monitor 1st and 3rd party SBOMs in one place. Get clear visibility into software components across the enterprise.

Supply chain attack detection & response

Mitigate new classes of attacks such as dependency confusion and typosquatting, and report on standards like NIST C-SRM and SLSA.

Dependency bloat reduction

Identify and remove unused dependencies to improve performance and eliminate risk

Unmaintained package detection

Know when software is no longer supported by a community for bug fixes, and make better decisions on continuing to depend on it.

Measure operational risk

Detect potential breaking changes to downstream dependencies as a result of updating.

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