What is your dependency graph costing you?

Enterprises typically have around 40,000 direct dependencies, each of which, on average, brings with it an additional 7dependencies. With a growing reliance on OSS, this means millions of direct and transitive dependencies across the organization. The complexity of the dependency graph makes responding to issues, assessing the impact of code updates, and adopting useful new dependencies - a costly and time-consuming effort.

Centralized Software Inventory

Get a single pane of glass for which packages and dependencies are in use, where, and understand which security and operational risks need to be prioritized.

Pinpoint Vulnerable Dependencies

Quickly search and find dependencies when responding to issues. Don't waste countless hours investigating where and how a dependency is being used.

Reachability with Evidence

Get a detailed call-path showing the flow between your code to a vulnerable function, and save engineering hours by only fixing the risks that matter.

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