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Endor Labs Named 2023 SINET16 Innovator Award Winner

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A photo of Ron Harnik — VP Marketing at Endor Labs.
Ron Harnik
Published on
September 7, 2023

SINET, an organization with the mission to accelerate Cybersecurity innovation through public-private partnerships, announced today that Endor Labs is one of the winners of its annual SINET16 Innovator Award. Endor Labs and 15 other emerging companies are identified as the most innovative and compelling technologies in their fields to address Cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.

Winners were selected from a pool of 195 applications from 13 countries this year, all companies with under $15 million in revenue, which has become more and more competitive since the program launched 14 years ago. This award was free to apply, free to win, and all about innovation. Applications are evaluated in a series of two rounds by the SINET Judging Committee composed of 115 private and government security professionals including leading risk executives, experts in government intelligence and defense agencies, venture capitalists, and investment bankers.

“The continuous validation we’re getting from the market makes it clear,” says Varun Badhwar, CEO & Co-Founder of Endor Labs. “The security and maintenance of open source code is fundamental to the security of the software supply chain, and the biggest source of wasted engineering cycles. Endor Labs is dedicated to helping customers rely on open source code with the dreaded productivity tax that comes with it. We’re honored that SINET recognized us as innovators in this space!”  

SINET is dedicated to introducing leading innovators into the Cybersecurity industry and accelerating innovation by encouraging collaboration, breaking down communication barriers, and facilitating high-level sharing of ideas and best practices between senior-level security professionals from the private and public sectors and solution providers, buyers, researchers, and investors.

“We are proud to play a role in accelerating innovation into a global marketplace by increasing the awareness of value-add companies,” said Robert D. Rodriguez, Chairman of SINET. “As always, this year provided for a very competitive landscape. We look forward to watching these companies continue to mature as they progress on their amazing entrepreneurial journeys and their missions to protect the fabric of our nation’s critical infrastructure and national security interests.”

What is Endor Labs?

Endor Labs uses reachability analysis to give DevSecOps teams the context they need to prioritize risk, reduce technical debt, and meet compliance objectives like SBOMs & VEX. 

90% of code in modern applications is code your developers didn’t write, but “borrowed” from complete strangers on the internet. With over 43M Open Source Software (OSS) project versions, and clear indication that open source will dominate the “AI movement”, development teams can gain tremendous benefits from leveraging the OSS ecosystem, as long as organizations invest in the right tooling to address the security, scalability and maintainability challenges that come with it. 

Endor Labs’ Code & Pipeline Governance Platform focuses on these pain-points and outcomes:

Software Composition Analysis (SCA): Only 12% of the OSS code is actually used within your applications. Endor Labs replaces the existing breed of SCA solutions that lack context on code usage, thereby cutting ~80% of the vulnerabilities being reported. 

Dependency & Tech Debt Management: Endor Labs helps engineers improve application performance and minimize attack surface by helping select and maintain secure & high quality dependencies across the SDLC. 

CI-CD Governance: Endor Labs helps you monitor the posture of your pipelines, including SCM configurations, developer access, and hardcoded secrets in code, all through a single hook and policy-as-code framework integrated into your pipeline. 

Compliance & SBOMs: Comply with emerging US Government led standards & regulation around Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), automated VEX generation, and adherence to the White House Executive Order 14028.

See Endor Labs in action:

The Challenge

The Solution

The Impact

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