What's VEXing you?

Today, developers manually review vulnerabilities and either upgrade those software packages or annotate why they choose not to address them (perhaps because the vulnerabilities aren't reachable). The standardized format for exchanging this vulnerability information with SBOM consumers is called Vulnerability Exploitability eXchange (VEX). The manual review of vulnerability information is costly in both time and money for software producers and disincentivizes transparency. Automation is required to make this process scale.

Holistic Risk Visibility

View and prioritize risk across your own applications as well as 3rd party SBOMs provided to you by vendors.

Low Effort Export

Automate SBOM creation across versions and languages without the need for additional plugins or tooling

Reachability & Exploitability with Evidence

Create VEX documents that automatically annotate if a vulnerability is reachable or not and save countless hours on manual work.

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