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LeanAppSec 2023 - Summer Edition

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There are 100x more software developers than AppSec engineers. LeanAppSec is a virtual event focused on how Application Security teams at companies big and small must find ways to do more with less.

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The speakers

David Tsao
David Tsao
CISO, Instacart
Rachit Lohani
Rachit Lohani
CTO, Paylocity
Greg Pettengill
Greg Pettengill
Principal Product Security Engineer, Five9
Stacy Hong
Stacy Hong
SVP Engineering, Okta
Amit Bagree
Amit Bagree
Head of Security, Rocket Lawyer
Varun Badhwar
Varun Badhwar
Co-Founder & CEO, Endor Labs
Henrik Plate
Henrik Plate
Principal Security Researcher, Endor Labs
Darren Meyer
Darren Meyer
Software Assurance Architect, Endor Labs
Joseph Hejderup
Joseph Hejderup
Program Analysis Researcher, Endor Labs
Niroshan Rajadurai
Senior Director, Global GitHub Advanced Security Sales at GitHub

Win the Millennium Falcon!

We gave away all our Falcons for now, but we'll make sure to give a few more away on the next LeanAppSec!

Practical discussions. Real takeaways. And the lego thing, of course.

Ron Harnik

Introduction - 10 minutes - Ron Harnik

Welcome to LeanAppSec! A quick introduction to our speakers and agenda for the day, and the details you need for our giveaway!

David Tsao, Stacy Hong, Rachit Lohani, Moderated by Varun Badhwar

The Code Governance Roundtable

Panel discussion on how these companies treat code security today, who owns what (OSS selection, secret scanning, etc.). Compare your own experience and learn from security and engineering leaders how they make it work.

Greg Pettengil, Joseph Hejderup

Reachability Analysis 101 - And Why It Matters for AppSec

Reachability analysis is the core of how AppSec teams can save time by cutting down false positive alerts. This is an introduction to how program analysis works, and what are it's real world applications.

Amit Bagree, Darren Meyer

How to Build a Code Governance Program

A step by step workshop where Amit Bagree (Head of Security, Rocket Lawyer, and Darren Meyer (15+ years of AppSec experience) will work through building a Code Governance program for a mock company.

Henrik Plate

The Impact of AI on Code Security

In this session, Henrik will reveal his latest research on the state of dependency management and how AI is impacting the application security landscape.

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LeanAppSec 2023: Secure More With Less