How Lean AppSec Teams use Endor Labs to secure Large Scale OSS

AppSec teams (or often a single AppSec manager) are expected to support millions of OSS packages used by hundreds of developers. On the one hand, you want to support developer productivity by allowing large-scale OSS usage, on the other, supply chain attacks are rampant and you have to find a way to do it safely, without hurting the aforementioned productivity. In this workshop, we’ll go over how small AppSec teams do just that with Endor Labs.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • No fluff, a technical product deep-dive
  • Workflows for selecting new OSS and creating policies that developers won’t hate
  • Workflows for prioritizing vulnerabilities and other risks based on reachability
  • Introduction to Endor Scores - Leading indicators for security and operational risk

Darren Meyer, Solutions Architect 
Ron Harnik, VP Marketing (Don’t worry he won’t do much of the talking)

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