Supply chain security with minimal noise

Enabling the adoption of large scale OSS requires security teams to have visibility and automated governance of dependency usage, and ways to understand associated risks. Only relying on known vulnerabilities is no longer viable.

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“With Endor Labs, the amount of insight security teams could give developers are significant, and they can make the best informed decisions about what to specifically use in their environments.”

David Tsao
VP Security Engineering, Marqeta

A single source of truth

No more chasing down developers and spending hours in meetings to track down a dependency. Get complete visibility into cross-repo software inventory and SBOMs for your applications, open source, and 3rd party vendors.

Eliminate 80% of SCA alerts

Endor Labs detects whether or not a vulnerable dependency is actually reachable. By prioritizing vulnerabilities that are actually impactful you can reduce alert fatigue, create less technical debt, and focus on remediating the threats that can impact your business.

Go beyond known vulnerabilities

Known vulnerabilities are important to detect, but are a lagging indicator of risk and miss a whole class of supply chain attacks. Endor Labs uses dozens of leading security and operational risk indicators to detect problematic or malicious packages.

Automated dependency governance

Establish an end-to-end process for selecting high quality and secure dependencies without slowing down development.  

Centralize SBOM management

Endor Labs provides a centralized hub for creating, analyzing and storing 1st and 3rd party SBOMs.

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