Maximize software reuse with minimal security noise

Developers lose countless hours of productivity hunting down non-critical dependency issues. To increase velocity and maximize software reuse, engineering teams need cross-repo visibility into dependency usage, and a dramatic reduction in false positive noise.

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“Endor Labs hired a team of strong individuals with a great deal of domain expertise in security and understanding developers. That investment in experience and talent means you end up building products that are better and deeper.”

Shanku Niyogi
ex-SVP Product, GitHub

Maximize software reuse

Set policies, automate approval processes, and get full visibility into cross-repo dependency usage. Endor Labs makes it easier to find, use, and reuse dependencies across the organization.

Turn down security noise

Endor Labs cuts down up to 80% of false positive vulnerability alerts by prioritizing vulnerabilities that are actually reachable,

De-bloat the dependency graph 

Detect multiple versions of the same dependency and eliminate unused dependencies. Endor Labs helps slim down the dependency graph to improve build times and reduce maintenance overhead.  

Build the “Virtual Monorepo”

Achieve the benefits of a monorepo, like unified versioning and management for cross-repo dependencies, without having to build one. 

Understand the impact of updates

Endor Labs uses call graphs and program analysis to understand the relationships and potential impact of dependency updates, helping you better prioritize development efforts.

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